Friday, June 1, 2007


For one final time, I'd very much like to thank everyone who read and commented on my recent guest column in the New York Times. I've traditionally been writing for print media (rather than online), and typically get responses in the form of maybe one or two letters to the editor, so it's been exciting to get hundreds of responses, quickly, to what I've written, all extremely intelligent and well informed.

I'll start posting some more stuff here soon, but I'm currently tied up over the next week or so with getting ready to give some public talks in California (for the book, which just came out).

Anyone who's found their way here from the NYT, please do check back soon. And if you do live in or around the Bay Area, please come and say hello. I'll be at Xerox Parc on June 7 giving a talk in their Forum series, then at The Commonwealth Club on June 8, and at Kepler's Bookstore in Menlo Park later on the same day.


MaryKaye said...

Social atoms, indeed. Looking forward to your return.

The Digital Ripper said...

I would never have found you if not for the Times! Great stuff!

Justoffal said...

The extent to which science and scientific principles apply to all areas of our lives is sometimes too much truth for the average Joe to digest. We pride ourselves on originality and shun the thought that we may be as predictable as a simple addition problem; For instnace, I always thought psychology was a pile of Stierschei├če until I studied it! When I did I was both shocked and delighted to discover the marvel of its consistent accuracy in pertinence to humanity.

Why not social science? It makes perfect sense! Imagine the Nirvana of being able to apply the equal sign to formerly insurmountable and unsearchable social problems?

Keep up the good work son!


memitchell said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your guest column with the New York Times this past month. I was glad to see you maintain a personal blog. I'll be visiting regularly.

bill said...


In your excellent book "The Social Atom" you start Chapter 8 with a quote from Dixy Lee Ray, who you identify as an "American Minister". She was in fact a former governor of the state of Washington, and briefly the head of the Atomic Energy Commission. To my knowledge, she was never a minister in the religious sense, or a cabinet-level official in the British sense of minister.

kimy said...

have thoroughly enjoyed your contributions to the nyt- which is how I discovered your blog! recently ordered your book and looking forward to reading it (resonant chords are already striking), look forward to keeping up w/it when you 'return'. thx