Monday, May 23, 2011

New blog -- The Social Atom goes to Wall Street

I haven't posted here for quite some time now and I presume everyone has gone away to browse in more frequently updated pastures. But I wanted to alert everyone to a new blog I've just started: The Physics of Finance. I touched on the self-organizing dynamics of financial markets a little in The Social Atom -- and had an Op-Ed on the topic in the New York Times a couple years ago -- but this is a enormous topic deserving a large space of its own. The new blog explores a growing revolution in the science of markets based on ideas and concepts from physics. This kind of work has really been exploding in the past few years. If traditional economics has emphasized self-regulating processes and the concept of market equilibrium, the new perspective emphasizes the myriad positive feed backs which often drive markets away from equilibrium and cause tumultuous crashes and other crises.

 If anyone comes back to this blog or still gets updates from it, I hope you'll visit me at The Physics of Finance. I'm only just getting this going so the blog is a little sparse now. But I'll be working on it regularly from now on. Economics is too important to be left to the economists!